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With the holiday’s in full swing invitations are likely filling your inbox for various parties, dinners and get togethers. For all of us who love to throw these wonderful gatherings, you understand it’s a lot of work, so why not show your hostess how much you appreciate their efforts with a small token of gratitude. Here is our list of go to favorite hostess gifts so you won’t be the guest that shows up empty handed.

A good guest can light up any room, but scenting it with Voluspa Japonica Candles from anthropology will make you a sensational one! Anthropology offers a variety of scents and sizes of this luxury candle brand.

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What Size Am I Really?

chitownsmiles —  November 17, 2013 — Leave a comment

This age old question has driven many of us crazy, going in and out of stores only to come home empty handed. Thanks to a new technology by Me-Ality that frustrating feeling may soon be a thing of the past! They have created the Size-Matching Station, a new device that will size you up … literally. It quickly scans your body, taking over 200,000 different body measurements, and outputs a print out of the sizes and styles that will fit you best at over 150 retailers. Armed with this type of information, we’re excited to shop worry free in time for all the black friday and cyber monday deals!

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