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With the holiday’s in full swing invitations are likely filling your inbox for various parties, dinners and get togethers. For all of us who love to throw these wonderful gatherings, you understand it’s a lot of work, so why not show your hostess how much you appreciate their efforts with a small token of gratitude. Here is our list of go to favorite hostess gifts so you won’t be the guest that shows up empty handed.

A good guest can light up any room, but scenting it with Voluspa Japonica Candles from anthropology will make you a sensational one! Anthropology offers a variety of scents and sizes of this luxury candle brand.

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With Turkey Day a mere 4 days away, this week’s Product of the Week is all about perfecting the star of the show. Thanksgiving, for so many of us, involves spending the day with family and friends, salivating in anticipation for that juicy golden Norman Rockwell-like bird to be brought to the table. However, for the home chef Thanksgiving is also one of the most stressful days of the year, balancing multiple start and finishing times and doing everything known to man to not dry out the infamous bird! Regardless if you are an experienced chef or a poultry newbie, Williams-Sonoma is about to put your fears to rest thanks to the introduction of the Smart Thermometer, a tool that takes all the guesswork out of perfectly cooked meals.

Smart Thermometer, Williams-Sonoma $199.95



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Whether it’s singing in the shower, head bobbing at an open mic night or blasting tunes on your way to work, life is better when music is involved. Now, thanks to the Jawbone’s Mini Jambox it’s easier than ever to bring music with you everywhere you go. The original Jawbone Jambox became one of the first big-name portable Bluetooth speakers in 2011 and now they have worked their magic and shrunk that magical device down to something about the size of your iPhone. Housing stereo drivers and a passive radiator, the Mini Jambox also packs quite the punch; add the variety of color and grill styles, and you and your friends are sure to be jamming in style!

Jawbone Mini Jambox $179.99

Mini Jambox

What’s your favorite way to listen to music?

What Size Am I Really?

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This age old question has driven many of us crazy, going in and out of stores only to come home empty handed. Thanks to a new technology by Me-Ality that frustrating feeling may soon be a thing of the past! They have created the Size-Matching Station, a new device that will size you up … literally. It quickly scans your body, taking over 200,000 different body measurements, and outputs a print out of the sizes and styles that will fit you best at over 150 retailers. Armed with this type of information, we’re excited to shop worry free in time for all the black friday and cyber monday deals!

Find a Me-Ality location near you to receive your complimentary scan!



Function has a strange way of bumping fashion out of the picture when little ones arrive, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Lucky for all you fashionista mommies designers have waved their creative wands and turned drab diaper bags into a thing of the past. Carry everything you need for your bundle of joy and still travel with style – here’s a few of our favorites!

Downtown moms can look no further, the Nest Collins Diaper Bag will definitely turn heads at the playground and on the run! It’s ultimate in both utility and looks with a roomy body that includes a removable changing pad, multiple interior pockets and 2 separate external spaces to store toys, books or an extra set of clothes. No wonder this splurge worthy design is a celebrity favorite!

Nest Diaper Bags – Collins $340 


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