Product of the week: Jamie Oliver Flavour Shaker

ShopGab Team —  October 6, 2013 — Leave a comment

Jamie Oliver we’re impressed!  Outside of filming his Television series, managing his restaurant empire, writing his latest cookbook and traveling the US on a mission to remove processed food from our children’s schools; the famous British chef found the time to invent the Jamie Oliver Flavour Shaker.  This creative spin on the classic bartenders tool contains a ceramic ball that pulverizes fresh herbs and dried spices — even cinnamon sticks — with a simple cocktail-shaker action.  Use it to create dressings, marinades, or even elevate your evening night cap.

Jamie Oliver Flavour Shaker. $30.

Jamie-oliver-flavour-shaker, Product of the week, @weshopgab

Do you have any favorite new kitchen gadgets? Share your experiences with us in our comments section!


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