Game Night!

chicagomemoryhouse —  October 6, 2013 — Leave a comment

We don’t know about you, but when we party, we like to get creative. And by creative, we mean geek out over various board games.  Want to relive your childhood in an adult party environment (yes, it counts as a party if there are games)? Check out our list of game night favorites.

Risk, $23.46
Okay, so maybe Risk won’t bring your circle of friends together, per say, but it will help you settle which one of you is better at waging war on the entire world. And isn’t that what really matters?

Risk, Game Night! @WeShopGab

Timeline, $10.69
Test your lack of historical knowledge with Timeline. The premise is simple: everyone gets a certain number of cards that need to be arranged in chronological order. The game gets harder as more cards get laid down. It’s not super competitive, since really everyone loses once they realize they’ve forgotten everything they ever learned in high school. Isn’t that what friendship is about?

Timeline, Game Night! @WeShopGab

Taboo, $21.99
Oh, Taboo. The game where you must describe a word without using the word that best describes it. The result is usually accidentally accusing the people around you of snoring, mooching, or overeating. Also, hilarity.

Taboo, Game Night! @WeShopGab

Cards Against Humanity, $25
Cards Against Humanity is quickly becoming the most popular party game on the market. Why? It’s really easy (just answer a black question card with a white answer card) and encourages you to be as politically incorrect, twisted, and horrible as you want.

Cards Against Humanity, Game Night! @WeShopGab

Pandemic, $33.90
Nothing builds game night togetherness like joining forces to stop 4 different diseases from quickly spreading around the world. In Pandemic, either everyone wins or loses, making it one of the most collaborative games available. Plus, who doesn’t like to pretend they’re a scientist saving the human population from potential extinction?
Pandemic, Game Night! @WeShopGabDid we miss any of your game night essentials? Let us know in our comments section!


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