Lime Crime

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We’ve been keeping our eye out for the most original cosmetics around, and we think we’ve a found a winner. Lime Crime strives to make mostly vegan cosmetics in a wild array of colors and textures. Why? Because as Doe Deere, its creator and one of our all-time favorite bloggers, says:

“Beauty is not what’s natural, or even looks best; it’s what feels right at the moment!”

Doe Deere, Lime Crime @WeShopGab

Doe Deere

Now, we know some of the Lime Crime looks might be a little out there for you, or you may not have gotten a chance to sample the products, so we’ve put together our list of yours-truly-tested and approved products!

Red Velvet, Velvetine, $16.99
This rich velvety red liquid lipstick glides on like gloss and dries matte. We love the finish and the texture, but word of warning, even if it does go on like gloss, you still need a good lipliner to prevent smudging.
Red Velvet Velvetine, Lime Crime @WeShopGab
Red Velvet Velvetine pout, Lime Crime @WeShopGab

Serpentina, Opaque Lipstick, $15.99
Okay, so maybe we didn’t try this exact emerald green lipstick, but we wish we had! Actually, we tried another opaque lipstick, the ever-popular Babette, and loved the thickness of the pigment. Here’s hoping we’ll get the courage to push our color limits and try Serpentina once and for all!

Serpentina, Lime Crime @WeShopGab

Parfait Day, Nail Polis, $8.00

Pastel and pearlescent, this dreamy creamy nail polish glides on a little pinker than a regular strawberry milkshake, which is just right for most skin tones.
Parfait Day, Lime Crime @WeShopGabAre you already hooked on Lime Crime? Tell us why in the comments section!


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