3 Tools You Need to Use to Shop Smart Online

chicagomemoryhouse —  August 18, 2013 — 3 Comments

3 Tools You Need to Use to Shop Smart Online @WeShopGab

With all the coupon codes, discounted gift cards, and price comparison tools available, it often feels like shopping online is naturally smart. But smart online shopping is more than just finding good deals and saving a few extra dollars on the latest gadget or handcrafted bag. With these tools, you’ll find quality retailers, stay within your budget, and connect with the people you trust.

1) thepurplebook
An original annual directory of the best online shops, thepurplebook prides itself on selecting the best online retailers from around the web objectively. In other words, unlike Google, when you search for products on thepurplebook, you can rest assured that the results haven’t been paid for or populated by a computer. The search engine features specified icons that let users know if sites charge an exorbitant amount in shipping fees, are user-friendly, or serve as industry standouts. Since thepurplebook focuses just as much on deals as helping small businesses, giving users a rewarding online shopping experience, and spotlighting quality products, registering for a free membership guarantees you’ll shop even smarter than before.

2) Manilla
Manilla is a free and secure service that links of all your accounts together on one page so you can keep track of all your household expenses, bills, subscriptions, and daily deals. Manilla lets you know when your bills are due and creates custom alerts so you never miss a payment. Plus, it stores all of your statements and bills in a documents tab. Unlike other account management services that provide free accounts to their users by encouraging them to sign up for credit cards, Manilla stays free by charging providers a small fee for mail to be delivered to their customers.

3) ShopGab
Set to launch on September 1st, ShopGab is a social shopping platform that provides users a fun and easy way to collect feedback from friends and family on anything they’re looking to buy. Users can capture products from any website to a personal shopping page, then invite their friends to share trusted advice and product recommendations. The result, a fun social experience that helps them buy any product with confidence.

Do you have any tips for shopping smart online? Share them with us in our comments section!



3 responses to 3 Tools You Need to Use to Shop Smart Online

    Newapartmentguy August 19, 2013 at 10:15 am

    These are going to help me now and in the future 🙂

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