Our Favorite BlogHer ’13 Blogs

chicagomemoryhouse —  July 30, 2013 — 1 Comment

Our Favorite Blogs of BlogHer '13 @WeShopGab #BlogHer'13If there’s one thing we took away from the BlogHer ’13 Conference (other than the free swag), it’s that there is a whole world of amazing blogs out there we need to be reading. But since reading the 5,000+ blogs represented at BlogHer doesn’t really fit into our schedules, we put together a list of our favorite blogs from the bloggers we met at the conference.

The Pioneer Woman
Joyfully Green
Ottawa Valley Moms
Dusty Earth Mother
Desserts with Benefits
Below the Salt
One Good Thing
Busy Nothings
Women Can Talk Sports
Awfully Chipper

And of course, no best of BlogHer ’13 blogs list would be complete without the blog responsible for the conference: BlogHer.



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    […] no secret we had a ball with the community of talented and inspirational bloggers at BlogHer’13. But with all the free swag to be had at the BlogHer’13 Expo, we took a break from workshops […]

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